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Make Video SEO a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Your best opportunity to rank in a search engine is with an optimized video. According to Forrester Research, it is 53 times easier to rank a video in Google’s search results than it is to rank a webpage, and we can help you take advantage of this great opportunity to get your message in front of a huge, content-hungry audience.

Why Is YouTube Optimization So Important?

Consider some of these statisitcs:

Google is the world's largest search engine,

67% of all online searches are through Google

94% of all mobile and tablet searches are through Google

The second largest search engine is YouTube, which is owned by none other than Google.

More than 91% of the videos that are returned through a Google search come from YouTube.

Simply put, Google promotes its own product, so when you select a YouTube marketing company, you need one that understands how the search engine giant works.

Effective Video Optimization

A video that is not fully optimized doesn’t carry much value in the eyes of a search engine. Google cannot tell what your video is actually about without some specific help. It won’t matter how beautiful your camera shots are, how moving the soundtrack is, or how perfect the sales pitch – without the proper optimization, the world will never find your masterpiece.

We can make sure that your videos are always uploaded with the proper data so your target audience will be able to find it, and you can start to build an audience of loyal subscribers.

A lot of the views that people get on YouTube come from the initial burst of views from current subscribers. If you don’t have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, or don’t have connections with major social media personalities, those first few views may be the extent of your video’s reach

Optimizing a video is about more than creating a good title and description. It’s a well-composed, integrated strategy that links your content, the data, and viewer engagement. At we understand what it takes to rank your videos competitively and make a memorable impression. We are a video SEO company that "get's it!"

In order to get a full scope of our video marketing services, contact us or request a proposal, but here are a few of our more popular services that we offer.

YouTube Optimization Services

Our YouTube services run the gammut. We can consult you on your stragtegy, from video production to the execution of your brand management. We offer everything from channels design to thumbnail creation. We can also design your info card graphics or simply plan a strategy to use your annotations and links within your videos. You won't find a more experienced YouTube video marketing company.

Video Promotion on Facebook

Let's say you want to promote a YouTube video on facebook, we can do that. We have specialists in facebook advertising who can pinpoint your target audience with your video. Facebook recently reported that users consume more than 100 million hours of video per day. What are you waiting for? Let's put together a facebook video ad campaign.

Animated Explainer Video

Whether your looking to produce an animated whiteboard video or a 2D character animated video, we can make something that will communcate to your customers. Our animated videos typically span 30 seconds to two minutes in length.

Video Infographic

Take your infographic to the next level. Show your amazing statistics and data in an engaging visual way with video. Thesea re great viral pieces and work well with social marketing such as Facebook Ads

Sales Letter Video

A sales letter is a simple way to engage your audince and "sell" them on why they need your product or service. Sales letters can be produced rather quickly because they don't require a ton of visual content.

Tutorial Video

Tutorial videos help your customers or audince understand what your product is and what it does. These are very effective in making your customers expert in using your product and that makes them loyal to your brand.

What is Link Building?

Authoritative Content Creates Trust

Link Building is an internet marketing process of obtaining links on other websites that direct to your own website. Obtaining links from websites relevant to the products and services that you offer can significantly increase the value of your website to search engines. Links that are strategically placed on other websites can lead to new traffic and a greater search engine ranking position (SERP) in the major search engines.

This process assists in the search engine optimization process as search engines look at how websites are linking to each other to determine the relevance of a website to specific terms. The goal of Link Building Hostcart is to obtain and maintain a number of high-value links coming into your website with the goal of obtaining a better position in the major search engines. If this is accomplished, visitors to search engines will be able to find your website faster, allowing your website to reach a wider audience.

How can it benefit my website?

By engaging in Link Building practices, your website can obtain a better SERP in the major search engines. This in turn allows your website to receive more relevant traffic. A higher ranking in search engines also means more potential customers being driven to your website

The better the incoming links, the more opportunities there are to gain more visibility by your customers and by other businesses. Incoming links also directly improve your search engine optimization performance which can serve as a component of search engine optimization. In the end, contributing to your link building will directly impact the number of potential customers you will receive from your online marketing initiatives.

What can Hostcart do for me?

Our Link Building South African services are provided by a network of internet marketing professionals trained in locating, obtaining, and maintaining high value links directing to key pages in your website’s navigation. Not only can we identify which websites would be of high value to your search engine optimization campaign, we can also figure out the page for incoming links to target and which directories are highly relevant to your goods and services.

Link Building Features

Manual Link Building

Having a link building professional generate relevant incoming links to your website is more effective than using a free tool or paid software that promises a large number of incoming links. You receive more links that are relevant to your business and less from websites that have nothing to do with what you do. They can also be directly targeted based on your search engine optimization campaign.

Quality Links from Legitimate Websites

We generate quality links that are relevant to the products and services that you offer. Having links that are not relevant to what you do or are not from legitimate websites can actually decrease your ranking in search engines. Major search engines give higher value to websites that showcase greater value than websites that exist for spam or sales purposes only. Our professionals not only obtain incoming links, they verify the integrity of each website and maintain quality links, removing links for potentially harmful websites.

Bi-Weekly Reporting

Our bi-weekly reports allow you to stay on top of the progress being made in your link building initiatives. We generate these reports to display the progress and status of the project and to prove that work is actually being done. Many organizations do not provide actual reports of the work being done which raise the question over whether or not work is actually being accomplished. With bi-weekly reports, you can find out exactly what is being done to improve the search engine optimization efforts of your website.

How Online and Offline Differ

Many companies are strong to handle their own reputation in the news and media through communicating with various organizations and taking a proactive approach to potential liabilities and campaigns against them. However, online reputation management is a vastly different service just as an online reputation can become a lot more volatile. Online reputation incorporates different aspects of offline media into the online media but also adds additional streams of information.

Online media is formed by the combination of online communities, personal and organizational blogs, online news, social media networks, and mailing lists. Traditional offline media generally includes the news, newspapers, and television and radio stations that broadcast locally, regionally, nationally. Online media transmits globally to a wide audience. Online conversations are occurring constantly as online media provides content providers and subscribers to have a back and forth conversation about topics.

Why hire a reputation management agency?

By hiring a reputation management company, you are taking a proactive approach to your online reputation. Our online reputation management professionals can start by creating many various social media accounts and channels, plans to distribute information amongst many informational channels, and make available important information about your company. These plans allow for a greater control of your online reputation by making the information you want available to anyone looking for it.

A professional reputation management agency can monitor keywords and phrases online to discover conversations and comments made about your company in both positive and negative connotations. In many cases, we can identify potential risks to your reputation before they become an issue.


Prevention of issues in your online marketing and online reputation are a key aspect of your online reputation initiatives. By creating forum profiles in major communities in your industry and starting a conversation, it becomes possible to create a conversation that can improve your reputation in your industry. Open dialogue and communication in many cases can prevent misconceptions about the products and services you provide to your customers

By maintaining your online profiles and third-party information about your company, you can prevent untrue or unfair comments about your company from being presented. Our professionals can assist with managing your search results to prevent search poisoning from becoming a problem for your organization.

Crisis Management

Since the beginning of the internet, many companies and corporations have become the victims of attacks made against the reputation of their company. Whether with a malicious intent or for informational purposes, news sources may reveal details about your company that may put your company in a negative light. Our reputation management services focus on your highest priorities to help you recover from them.

Building Your Brand

Online reputation management can become a great opportunity to build your brand online. Creating an online brand and improving recognition follows the same strategies as reputation management and can yield great results for obtaining higher paying customers with greater expectations.

Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your brand and improve your online reputation.

Mobile Platforms

The mobile web is growing with the releases of new mobile platforms. Popular platforms include the Windows Phone series, Android phones, the iOS platform, and the Blackberry platform. As more mobile platforms are developing, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a comprehensive mobile website for your visitors.

Traditional VS Mobile

Traditional websites are optimized for view in a web browser on a desktop, laptop, or a netbook. These browsers maintain a larger set of features compared to mobile web browsers as well as higher resolutions. Most websites are not optimized for mobile browsers and resolutions. Mobile is simplistic in design and optimized for fast loading on slower networks.

Professional and Visible

Our designers and developers can create strong websites with a clear and crisp visual design that loads efficiently in mobile browsers. A professional appeal is also communicated in order to brand your company through your mobile portal.

Robust Development

Our development team will work to integrate your existing web infrastructure into the new mobile web approach of your company. Strong data management procedures and security precautions allow for faster communication with web browsers. Separate online websites for mobile and traditional browsing also allows for better tracking and identification of issues in code and compatibility.

Developed websites for the mobile web are created with mobile web browsers in mind. Mobile web browsers handle navigation differently via touch screens and controls built into phones, unlike the mouse and keyboard of traditional computers. Furthermore, streamlined conversion processes and techniques allow for the fastest process of converting your existing design into a new mobile platform.

Search Engine Friendly

With our mobile website development, you’re free to integrate your current online marketing practices into your new mobile website platform. Control over important aspects of your website are possible and tracking of your mobile presence separate from your traditional presence can also be used to your advantage.

Your content can be easily indexed by major search engines for highly optimized internet marketing strategies and is automatically accessed by mobile web browsers upon visiting your website. Contact us to receive a free consultation for your mobile website development projects.

Computers are the heart of any business, unfortunately computers consist of sensitive equipment that requires regular maintenance to ensure continued operation. Even the most careful and alert users are liable to come across problems when using their computers.

Malfunctions caused by an electrical failure could be very disruptive and even destructive – whether dealing with a power failure that results in files being erased, a blown fuse that shuts down the entire system or any other electrical failure.

The continuous supply of power provided by a uninterruptible power supply system or device prevents disruptions caused by power failures and other associated problems. In the absence of a generator that can keep the computer operating for an extended period of time, a UPS system provides sufficient time to complete actions such as:

Saving open files.

Controlled computer shut-down, preventing damage to the system.

Turning on an alternative power source.

Unlike a generator a ups power supply system switches to backup power instantaneously. There is no delay between the loss of power and the operation of the UPS power supply. In the event of disruption to the primary power source, the UPS’s batteries provide uninterrupted power without any additional equipment being connected to the uninterruptible power supply system itself. In this manner, sudden electrical fluctuations or service gaps have no impact on critical systems.

Conversion Rate Optimization Services

You want quality visits to your site that will fill out a lead form, sign up for a newsletter or purchase your product or service. Conversion optimization relates to the action that a visitor takes on your website that will add value to your business.

It all comes down to one thing – ROI. We’re able to fine-tune your website, decrease your bounce rate, and lead visitors to a conversion for your service or product.

We want your website to provide the best user experience possible. We’re able to eliminate potential on-page obstacles that deal with website content, design, layout, site structure or technical site problems that will significantly increase user experience.

We believe in being completely transparent by providing detailed reports that explain what we do, how we do it and why it works. We provide you with information about your website’s key performance indications (KPIs) so you can see the improvements we continue to make. Conversion optimization works.

Learn more about what conversion optimization can do for your business.

We can help you grow your small business in three ways.

Drive more qualified, potential customers to your website

Increase engagement with current and potential customers on social media and get more local reviews

Design and build a professional-looking website that is easy to use, search-engine-friendly, and mobile ready

. Drive more potential customers to your website

We have worked with hundreds of small businesses over the years. We typically drive traffic to our clients' websites using the following methods:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services - get your site in front of potential customers searching for your keywords and be on top in the maps listings

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising - while SEO takes time, PPC can be turned on to drive traffic to your site right away

Social Media Marketing - use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to drive potential customers to your website

Increase engagement on social media and grow your local reviews

Keeping up with social media and know what works to help promote your business can be a daunting task. We can help you on all the social networks relevant to your business and we typically do that in the following ways:

Social Media Campaigns - specific campaigns for specific social networks that get results

Social Media Management - have your social accounts managed by us

Content Marketing - use content (i.e. articles, infographics, ebooks, videos, etc.) in the most effective way on the social networks to get more engagement and reviews

If your website isn't helping your business grow, we can help. There are three ways we can help you to accomplish this goal:

Professional Design: we design and develop custom websites on Wordpress. You won't be ashamed of your website anymore.

Search-Engine-Friendly: we make sure your website is optimized for the search engines so you have no trouble ranking for your desired keywords.

Mobile-Ready: we make sure your website looks good on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.


Social Management Services

Social media marketing is one of the most valuable tools in your internet marketing arsenal for building a community and engaging with your customers. At Hostcart, we can manage, optimize, and grow every aspect of your social media presence so you can focus on running your business.

Social media management is not a set it and forget it kind of thing. Nor is it something you can run based on gut instincts or what you feel your community wants to see. Our strategies are based on observable metrics so we can quickly answer the needs of your potential customers by delivering the content, information, and interaction they want.

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A Premier Web Development Company’s designers and developers work together to help craft elegant designs that fit your brand and create functionality and user experience that you didn’t think possible. Plus, the quality of work we do affects your costs for maintaining and supporting your site down the road.

Simple Maintenance

Websites in today’s dynamic web can’t stand still, so we focus on building a web presence that anyone can run. Our easy-to-maintain websites are based on WordPress, the dynamic web publishing platform used by millions of sites worldwide. So you can quickly and easily create new pages, change content and maintain your blog with minimal technical knowledge; it’s just point and click.


Like you, we care about quality and believe in doing things right the first time. And while badly written code is invisible to most people, the costs of fixing it is not. Our websites and applications are simple to maintain and upgrade. So, any added features or fixes that need to occur in the future won’t pile extra costs onto your projects.


It can be hard to know when you’re actually looking at the inner-workings of a website, but our work is clean, well-organized and built following a solid methodology. Our end product is easy to upgrade, simple to maintain and lends itself to easy design tweaks that won’t drain time or resources out of your organization.

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Pay Per Click

When you need web traffic and customers right now, and you don’t have the luxury of taking the time that an effective SEO campaign requires, PPC advertising is a powerful solution. Google AdWords consultants can help you:

Attract more prospects, grow your online sales, and get your information in front of more people faster

Streamline your current ad campaign to lower costs per click and increase click-throughs

Effectively target specific neighborhoods and communities and/or open your business up to a global market

Specify who receives your ads, based on everything from demographics to the times of day that they’re most likely to be searching for your products and services

Control your ad spend by setting the budgets and other limitations

Reach a mobile audience (mobile devices account for 53% of paid search clicks)

Get more calls (69% of searchers on a mobile device will call a business straight from the Google search results)

Get a suspended AdWords account back to good standing

Most importantly, this is an effective way to get noticed now. Some keyword terms for PPC and SEO are extremely competitive, and some companies have been working exclusively on their SEO for years to secure the top positions for those keywords. However, using our AdWords PPC consultants you can still position yourself above those companies and start maximizing your returns right away.

How Do AdWords Management Services Work?

Simply throwing money at a range of related keywords isn’t the answer. When you work with, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who understands how to target specific ad groups and segment campaigns in a way that maximizes your cost-to-conversion ratio.

At, your PPC strategy starts with an audit of your current campaign if any, and a detailed analysis of your website and industry.

Next, we will find the right keyword phrases to start your campaign. We carefully balance the highly competitive terms with long-tail keywords that are less expensive, but still attract some valuable customers looking for your specific solutions.

Choosing the right keywords and the bidding for the most effective positions is more important than ever for effective marketing. As Google continues to refine their search engine results pages, your opportunities to convert new customers constantly evolve in lock step.

Pay Per Click Management Pricing

Every campaign is different and there are countless variables that can impact your strategy, which means there’s no such things as a “one-size-fits-all” PPC campaign.

Everything from the keyword volume to your monthly spend could change the pricing structure, so contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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