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All internal computer components can be replaced individually, provided that the computer’s generation fits within current market availability. A faulty power supply is often the cause of computer problems which can result in resetting, switching off randomly, or not starting up. Hostcart can repair or replace the faulty hardware with ease. We have the skills to carry out main board repairs right down to component level repairs.


Hard drives can be replaced. Various sizes are available. If required, and providing that authentic software and registration keys are supplied, Supima can reload your operating system and software such as Microsoft Office. If data was retrievable, then data transfer can also be carried out. We do not install accounting or proprietary software.


Where possible, data will be backed up and transferred onto another hard drive.


Hostcart’s software technicians can assist in solving operating system problems (Windows based), virus and spyware removal, or just a general health check.

Microsoft based software services


Removal of malicious software and restoration of system activity. In some cases a complete system reinstallation may be required. We will make sure that a good antivirus program is installed on your computer.


Diagnosing and resolving software problems, eliminating errors and restoring software to its normal operation


Installation of software or other programs for which the original installation disks are provided by the client. Please note that this does not include proprietary or accounting software as these are specific to your company and mostly require specialists in their respective fields.


May be required to solve incompatibilities with hardware, device issues, sound, network, or video problems. Also required after hardware or software upgrades or changes, reinstallation of Windows, and for bug patches.


All retrievable data from a hard drive can be transferred onto a new hard drive – often carried out with the purchase of a new computer. Hard drive cloning is a quick and painless way of mirroring one hard drive onto another, implemented in the instance where a hard drive is upgraded, within the same machine, and the old hard drive was still functioning optimally. If required we can assist with the backup of data.


Losing invaluable data can be disastrous, but fortunately in many cases, lost data is recoverable. We will do our best in helping you solve your crisis wherever possible. Although highly complex, data recovery from a hard drive within a RAID system is also possible.

Networks and servers are the backbone of your operations, so even a minor performance issue can cause a major disruption in your day-to-day activities. That’s where the experienced Hostcart team flourishes, providing the high quality support needed to keep your organization running at top speed. With decades of combined network and server expertise, our professional technical team can troubleshoot, repair and support just about any platform or solution.

Hostcart offers 24/7 support to help when serious situations arise, prioritizing the issues that could disrupt or harm your operations. We keep systems running optimally, help improve organizational and employee productivity, and allow businesses to keep their focus on what really matters: their customers.

Hostcart offers customized network and server support packages to meet the specific needs of each business customer, such as:

Case-by-case services

Project basis

Continuing contracts

Network Monitoring Ensure network and server uptime/peak performance

Are you experiencing unacceptable network performance or unmanageable security threats from outside your network? Even if your organization just needs a little extra help implementing new systems, you can contact our network and support team to get you back to peak performance in no time.

If your business is faced with any of the issues listed below, it is appropriate to start using a server:

Sharing Information- A network server can run centralized software (customer database) or be used to create company intranet (a private website just for you business).

Storing Files Centrally- Store files securely on your office server instead of individual computers.

Controlling User Access- Give employees different access to files, programs, data and information.

Keeping Software Updated- It is easier to roll out new software or make changes to all computers on your network.

Managing Security Risks- It’s much easier to back up files to a central location. You can block suspect websites by routing internet access via the server.

If you business operates with more than 10 computers, the benefits of a server may well outweigh the costs. Hostcart can offer your business or organization a custom solution, tailored specifically to your business needs.

Our qualified technicians will come to your site to perform an evaluation and complete APC repairs the same day. Or we can pick up your UPS unit(s) and deliver to our facility for evaluation. In most cases we offer free pick-up and delivery for your convenience. All of our UPS repairs receive in-depth evaluations. Our work is always guaranteed.

Typically, our standard reconditioning service is all that is needed to get it running properly again.

Our qualified technicians can perform maintenance on ALL APC UPS units. Maintenance is performed on site or at our facility. We will evaluate your UPS unit(s) and help you decide when it's time to recondition or upgrade. We perform tests and calibration to ensure they are running as per manufacturer’s specifications. You can expect to see a typical life expectancy of 10-14 years from a UPS unit.

Computers are the heart of any business, unfortunately computers consist of sensitive equipment that requires regular maintenance to ensure continued operation. Even the most careful and alert users are liable to come across problems when using their computers.

Malfunctions caused by an electrical failure could be very disruptive and even destructive – whether dealing with a power failure that results in files being erased, a blown fuse that shuts down the entire system or any other electrical failure.

The continuous supply of power provided by a uninterruptible power supply system or device prevents disruptions caused by power failures and other associated problems. In the absence of a generator that can keep the computer operating for an extended period of time, a UPS system provides sufficient time to complete actions such as:

Saving open files.

Controlled computer shut-down, preventing damage to the system.

Turning on an alternative power source.

Unlike a generator a ups power supply system switches to backup power instantaneously. There is no delay between the loss of power and the operation of the UPS power supply. In the event of disruption to the primary power source, the UPS’s batteries provide uninterrupted power without any additional equipment being connected to the uninterruptible power supply system itself. In this manner, sudden electrical fluctuations or service gaps have no impact on critical systems.

CRT Monitors

Sort for cathode-ray tubes, CRT monitors were the only choice consumers had for monitor technology for many years. Cathode ray tube (CRT) technology has been in use for more than 100 years, and is found in most televisions and computer monitors. A CRT works by moving an electron beam back and forth across the back of the screen. Each time the beam makes a pass across the screen, it lights up phosphor dots on the inside of the glass tube, thereby illuminating the active portions of the screen. By drawing many such lines from the top to the bottom of the screen, it creates an entire screen of images.

LCD/Flat panel Monitors

Short for liquid crystal display, LCD technology can be found in digital watches and computer monitors. LCD displays use two sheets of polarizing material with a liquid crystal solution between them. An electric current passed through the liquid causes the crystals to align so that light cannot pass through them. Each crystal, therefore, is like a shutter, either allowing light to pass through or blocking the light. Color LCD displays use two basic techniques for producing color: Passive matrix is the less expensive of the two technologies. The other technology, called thin film transistor (TFT) or active-matrix, produces color images that are as sharp as traditional CRT displays, but the technology is expensive.

We specialise in the repair of all makes and models of monitors including medical grade equipment, NEC. From Flat Screen monitors, including TFT, LCD and LED screens for PC’s as well as industrial terminals. Our repair services cover CRT monitors and laptop screens as well as LCD, LED and plasma TV. Our repairs also include lamp/bulb replacements which enable you to continue to use your end of life display to help maintain your critical hardware.

How Our Repair Services Work Workshop servicing and repair is undertaken in a controlled professional environment by teams of highly experienced and qualified bench engineers.

We offer a ‘No fix, No Fee’ service on all our repairs.

If you are in need of a courier collection we can arrange UPS to collect from you however, it would be your responsibility to securely package your faulty unit to prevent damage whilst in transit. Alternatively, you can arrange your own delivery to our service centre.

You are welcome to bring in your equipment without booking – simply turn up during our working hours with the equipment and we will take it in for inspection and diagnosis.


When your machine is received into our Service Centre, it will be assigned its own unique repair reference and location to ensure that the machine and any parts/accessories that you provide to us are kept together.

We will then inspect the machine to establish where and what the fault may be, and what the best and most cost effective repair solution is for you.


We will review any part requirements and complete an inspection report together with a repair cost including parts, labour, and VAT. This report will be emailed to you for your approval before we make any repairs. If no email address is provided, we will call you to discuss the quotation.

If the estimate is declined, or the unit is deemed beyond economical repair, there are no additional charges to pay other than the carriage cost if required. If you do not want your faulty item returned, we can dispose of the equipment for you free of charge.


After your approval has been received we will purchase any components required, if not already held in stock. All repairs are completed by our technicians at our Service Centre and are inspected and tested thoroughly before completion.

Desktop & Laptop Upgrades

What’s your scarcity: time, money … or both? While many IT managers choose to upgrade, it’s a difficult decision filled with variables. In general, when money is limited, it’s best to consider an upgrade prior to replacement. However, when your time is more limited and/or you have budget flexibility, you may want to replace aging systems. And if you’re considering reimaging and redeploying a problematic old drive, it may be the ideal time to replace the drive altogether with a faster, more reliable one. Only you know the nuances that are unique to your organization’s culture and IT. Choose the approach that’s right for you and your users because either way, the outcome is the same – faster performance and improved productivity.

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IT Support

Hostcart offers professional IT management and support of network infrastructure systems for SMEs and large corporate clients. IT support solutions will be structured to suit your specific business requirements. This way you are afforded peace of mind that your IT environment is up-to-date, consistently available, more stable, and secure. IT matters are handled in the quickest time possible, thus saving you time and money, and ensuring unhindered productivity of your work. With our experienced IT team, you can be assured that we have a broad range of knowledge and experience. This in turn means that we are adept at managing complex server infrastructures and network configurations across various business sectors.

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The warranty offered by Hostcart is limited to thirty (30) days from the day the repair is completed*, unless specified otherwise on the Invoice or Work Order. Hardware components are covered through the manufacturer’s factory warranty (see “Factory Warranty” below).


The warranty is only for repairs done that are listed on the invoice. The warranty is a carry-in, or in-store warranty. If service is needed on-site, labor charges would apply. The warranty is to replace / repair the items originally serviced on the invoice. The warranty does not give store credit or cash refund.


Computer Hardware Warranty:

The warranty covers the cost of labor and replacement parts for all hardware related problems. Software and user error related problems are NOT covered.


Virus repairs are not covered by the warranty. Each computer is susceptible to viruses and it is the owner’s responsibility to utilize virus protection software. Regardless if the computer was supplied with virus protection when it was new, Hostcart cannot guarantee that all viruses will be repaired.

Software & Operating Systems:

Any software that is on the client’s computer or comes pre-installed with our systems, including the operating system, is not covered by the warranty.

User-caused problems:

If our assistance is required after a customer attempted to solve a problem out of their own accord, the repair thereof will not be covered under the warranty.


The factory warranty is a limited warranty that is offered by the manufacturers of the various computer components and is limited to their specific terms and conditions of sale and their return policies.


Overclocking is a method of making your CPU, video card, and some other hardware run faster and/or better and is not endorsed by the manufacturers of the item, and therefore excluded from the warranty offered by Hostcart and/or the manufacturer.


1. No returns for cash or credit will be entertained after seven (7) calendar days from date of invoice - the customer has to ensure that the correct purchase has been made within this seven (7) calendar day period. All returns are subject to a 15% percent restocking fee and must be in the original packaging with no signs of defects.

2. Only store credit will be issued for new items NOT installed by Hostcart. All returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be in the original packaging with no signs of defects.

3. All USED items are sold as is, no refunds, credit, or exchanges are available.

4. NO Refunds, credit, or exchanges are available for SPECIAL ORDER items.